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Upholstery Fabricator - Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR

Job Description

Job Summary:
Fabricate, develop, build, sew, and cover aircraft soft goods through the knowledge and skills of aircraft upholstery via employer standards while using 3D models, drawings, blueprints, IDEI drawings, and/or spec control prints following employer Quality standards. Soft goods include crew seats, passenger seats, divans, side ledges, headliners and other assorted interior soft goods.

Job Responsibilities:
• Interpret blueprints, completion drawings, company standards, work instructions, 3D model information.
• Perform necessary calculations using shop math based on required tooling, detailed parts, assemblies, and installations.
• Perform proper maintenance practices in accordance with Employers FPS, “F” standards and Quality standards, such as proper glue application, adhesive bonding, hardware, and rivet installation (when applicable to current job assignment).
• Correct handling and use of all required tools specific to the current job assignment.
• Correct handling and use of all required chemicals and adhesives related to the current job assignment, including general knowledge and ability on retrieving data from the MSDS safety books.

Seat Covering Focus:
• Disassemble and reassemble vendor passenger seats and divans in accordance with the guidelines of the vendor component maintenance manuals, including but not limited to Collins (DeCrane, BEA), PAC, and other seat and divan vendors.

Trim Covering Focus:
• Prep and cover any upholstered panels with a variety of foams, fabrics, leathers, and styling in accordance with Employer’s “F” Standards, FPS and Customer Specifications.

Minimum Required Qualifications:
• High school diploma or GED.
• Minimum of 1 year of upholstery experience.
• Able to align intricate or elaborate designs in fabrics.
• Must not be allergic to chemicals, solvents, paints, adhesives, natural or manmade materials, fabrics, or feathers.
• Basic computer skills.
• Able to work in confined spaces and in unusual positions.
• Able to lift and transport up to 40 lbs. with or without reasonable accommodation.
• Visual capacity and muscular dexterity to work on fine detail, high-cost products with a minimum of errors and rework.
• Able to stock and remove materials from bins above storage level according to OSHA standards.
• Able to climb in and out of aircraft and perform work in tight or confined places and positions.
• Able to set up and operate all standard equipment related to upholstery.

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