Stock Clerk

Wichita, KS

Job Description

Job Summary:
Manage receiving, storage, and distribution of materials as well as maintain accurate records of inventory.

Job Responsibilities:
- Record inventory data manually or on a computer or handheld electronic device.
- Document discrepancies between inventory records and physical counts of stock.
- Receive, count, and verify incoming orders.
- Label stock items with labeling equipment such as identification tags or stamps.
- Pack and unpack items for storage in stockrooms, storage yards, or warehouses.
- Assist other stock workers in their daily duties.
- Minimal Experience:
- Minimum of six months’ experience in stocking, shipping, logistics, or related field.
- Exceptional organizational skills.
- Strong interpersonal communication.
- Written and oral comprehension skills.
- Able to complete tasks with little to no direct supervision.

- High School education or equivalent is required.

​Physical Requirements:
- Physically able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.
- Physically capable of routinely bending to lift and move items up to 50 pounds.