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Sr. Associate, Manufacturing Engineer - Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Job Description

Job Description:

• Develops, implements, and analyzes manufacturing engineering plans and projects and communicates them to internal and external customers.
• Defines, develops, and transfers manufacturing and engineering tools, strategies, and systems.
• Develops manufacturing strategies for specific products and processes.
• Actively participates with engineering project teams to coordinate the release of new products.
• Estimates and tracks manufacturing costs, determines time standards, and makes recommendations for tooling and process requirements of new or existing product lines.
• Maintains records and reporting systems for coordination of manufacturing operations.
• Plans and establishes goals and objectives for Projects/ Programs, with direct impact on the immediate or short-term operational results of the department. Typically, does not have budget or Profit & Loss (P&L) accountability, but may manage day-to-day elements of the budget (e.g., need for overtime for staffing roles).
• Communicates within and outside own function to explain and gain cooperation on policies and practices.
• Makes moderate to substantial improvements to processes, systems, and solutions.
• Plans and establishes goals and objectives for Project/ Program with direct impact on the short-term operational results for the department.
• Requires practical knowledge in leading/managing projects, processes.
• Communicates with parties within and outside of own job function/area, which includes customers or vendors.
• Explains, interprets, and gains cooperation on policies, practices, and processes to others within the organization.

Essential Functions:
• Entry-level professional with broad theoretical job knowledge.
• Works under general direction and guidance within standard processes for non-routine tasks.
• Communicates with contacts in own team to explain and interpret information.
• Contributes to systems and processes changes in work routines.
• Works to achieve operational targets that impact team results.
• Work consists of making moderate to substantial improvements of processes, systems, solutions, or products to enhance performance of job area.
• Opportunities for problem solving and innovation are complex and may require comprehensive information gathering, analysis and investigation to understand the problem.
• Problems typically involve consideration of multiple issues, job areas or specialties.
• Problems are generally solved through creative solutions, drawing from prior experience and in-depth analysis of issues.

• Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of 2 years of prior related experience.
• Graduate Degree or equivalent with 0 to 2 years of prior related experience.
• In lieu of a degree, minimum of 6 years of prior related experience.

Preferred Additional Skills:
• Working knowledge of MRP systems

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