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Sheetmetal Technician, Helicopter - Decatur, TX

Decatur, TX

Job Description

Job Title: Sheet Metal Technician - Aviation Maintenance
Job Description:
We are seeking a skilled Sheet Metal Technician with a strong background in aviation maintenance to join our team. As a Sheet Metal Technician, you will play a vital role in ensuring the structural integrity and airworthiness of our aircraft fleet through proficient repairs, modifications, and installations of sheet metal components.

• Perform in-depth sheet metal repairs and modifications in response to damage identified during inspections, service bulletins, or airworthiness directives.
• Interpret and execute maintenance manual procedures with precision, ensuring repairs are carried out to the highest standards.
• Conduct research to identify and source necessary parts for repairs and modifications.
• Collaborate with Lead Technicians and communicate effectively to coordinate tasks and achieve objectives.
• Ensure that repairs and installations adhere to the authority of the repair station and comply with Quality Assurance Department inspections.
• Handle all parts and components carefully during repair processes and upon completion.
• Maintain a clean and organized shop environment, including the proper storage of equipment.
• Fulfill additional responsibilities and assignments as directed by the company.

• A minimum of 4 years of hands-on experience in performing helicopter flight line repairs and kit installations.
• Experience with Airbus and Bell single and light twin helicopters.
• Proficiency in fabrication skills and familiarity with kit and systems installations.
• Active Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) license required, with preference for an active A&P license.
• Successful completion of FAA drug and alcohol program requirements and random testing.
• Strong reading and comprehension skills in English.
• Ability to study and pass the Repair Station Manual exam.
• Detail-oriented mindset with a commitment to producing high-quality work.
• Effective problem-solving skills and the ability to work both independently and within a team.

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