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R&R Interior Technician

Reno, NV

Job Description

Job Summary:
Build modify, install and inspect interior components in the aircraft. Work with a wide assortment
of materials and many of tooling. Use measurement devices and be able to interpret blueprints
and other forms of documentation. Complete assigned tasks within the allocated man-hour
budgets, and on schedule while maintaining quality standards and performing the tasks within the
guidelines of all safety and regulatory regulations and requirements.

Minimum Requirements:
- High school diploma or GED
- Able to work from blueprints or sketches.
- Must have required tools.
- Able to use drills, belt, disc and drum sanders and other common hand tools and equipment
-Able to repeatedly enter and exit aircraft using stationary steps/stairs, transporting any and all
interior furnishings and assisting other employees with items requiring more than one employee to
transport same.
- Physical and muscular dexterity to install carpets, headliners, window panels, PSUs, cabinet
assemblies, couches, seats, tables and related components.
- Able to lift a minimum of 75 pounds with or without reasonable accommodation.
- Must not be abnormally allergic to glue, resin, wood dust and other by-products of interior type
C- Technical training in aircraft structure or maintenance.
- Experience servicing, modifying or repairing aircraft.

Job Responsibilities:
- Maintain a clean and organized work area
- Complete tasks within assigned time limits.
- Perform all other duties as assigned.
- Determine work to be accomplished to complete assignments within established schedules and
plan accordingly.
- Accurately log computerized labor data collection for time and attendance tracking.
- Assist other personnel on specific job assignments.
- Work in a safe manner in accordance with OSHA and company safety procedures.
- Perform all other duties as assigned.
- Work from blueprints, CATIA models, company standards, work instructions, and perform
necessary calculations using shop math to fabricate and/or install complete or major assemblies
and sub-assemblies.
- Fabricate, assemble, and install products, such as side panels, headliners, service ledges,
cornices, etc.
- Install galleys, lavatories, entertainment cabinets and water systems
- Assemble and install window assemblies, sliding window shades, window frames, etc.
- Cut, fit and attach fabric, leather, Naugahyde, etc. to decorative panels, using cement or other
fasteners as required.
- Cut, fit and install carpeting in aircraft.
- Installs cabin and cockpit chairs.
- Perform functional checks on installed systems — air, oxygen, water, etc.
- Set up and operate standard shop equipment.

Working Conditions:
- Able to work in confined spaces and in unusual positions.
- Able to repeatedly enter and exit aircraft using stationary steps/stairs with or without reasonable
- Hangar and ramp environments with variable temperature range normal to Northern Nevada area.

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