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Quality Control Inspector - Wichita, KS

Wichita KS

Job Description

In your role, you will:
• Adhere to General Work Requirements.
• Perform Return to Service process and approve aircraft for return to service in accordance with the applicable regulations as authorized and delegated by the repair station accountable manager.
• Upon A/C arrival, obtain associated documentation, inventory and secure all aircraft documents as required.
• Perform inspections of aircraft, engines, parts and components, precision tools, equipment and other materials in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.
• Inspect aircraft maintenance and in-process inspections for repairs and alterations performed by Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to verify and/or approve corrective actions.
• Upon receipt, perform inspection of all new, repaired and rebuilt parts / components for evidence for physical damage, count and conformity
• Ensure that all work packages (orders and forms) as well as records of arrival (debrief checklist) and maintenance actions performed are documented accurately and that all specialized customer forms, and Client forms (i.e., RED, RFE & SRPSA) are documented accurately.
• Research aircraft drawings and technical data (i.e., REO, EO, DCN) as required.
• Perform walk around inspection of aircraft prior to release from maintenance when required.
• Assist customers as required.
• Perform other tasks as required.

As our ideal candidate:
• You typically have 5 yrs aircraft maintenance experience
• You typically have 2-3 yrs inspection exper.
• You have the ability to read and interpret engineering documents and maintenance manuals
• You have the ability to read, write, and understand the English language
• You have an A&P Certificate

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