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Quality Control Inspector - Reno

Reno, NV

Job Description

Job Summary:
Performs inspection of aircraft maintenance and alterations for quality and airworthiness,
providing the approval for return to service with respect to the work performed for work
that the Service Center (FAA Certificated Repair Station) is rated.
The Quality Control Inspector may also perform aircraft maintenance (including inspection),
preventive maintenance and alteration and assist customers with technical and operational
support relative to the customer’s aircraft.

Job Responsibilities:
- Responsible to Quality Assurance for quality and airworthiness and may report to
Maintenance Supervision for the assignment of aircraft maintenance tasks.
- Using technical data acceptable to and/or approved by the FAA, the Quality Control
Inspector provides inspection and approval for return to service with respect to
work performed.
- Adheres to general work and safety requirements.
- May travel to locations other than the Repair Station’s fixed location to support
customer aircraft.
- May perform inspections, makes adjustments and repairs, replaces components and
corrects any malfunction or deficiency with and without power applied to the
- May perform repairs on components removed from the aircraft.
- May remove and re-install aircraft components to gain access for the performance
of assigned tasks.
- May troubleshoot (fault isolation) aircraft system malfunction.
- May perform basic mechanical and electrical removals and installations.
- Documents, records and signs for work performed and/or inspected per RSM/QCM.
- Perform other related tasks as assigned by supervision.
- May fuel and defuel aircraft.
- May perform aircraft line services.
- Performs inspection on-site and at off-site locations.
- Supports production aircraft under Production Certificate System.
- Assists other employees in the performance of their duties within area(s) of
- Is familiar with and adheres to the RSM/QCM and applicable regulations.
- Is responsible for and accountable for work performed.

- Possess a Mechanics certificate with Airframe and Power plant ratings.
Minimum 3 years’ experience in aircraft maintenance and alteration of turbo fan
powered business aircraft.
- Trained in or experience with the methods, techniques, practices, aids, equipment
and tools used to perform aircraft maintenance and alterations.
- Thoroughly familiar with the applicable regulations, the RSM/QCM and proficient in
the use of the various inspection methods, techniques, practices, aids, equipment
and tools appropriate for the work being performed and approved for return to
- Able to work unsupervised for extended periods.
- Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
- Can Do attitude – highly motivated,
- Demonstrate excellent customer service skills/
- Team player that exhibits and models Dassault Falcon Jet core values and attributes.
- Repair Station Training
- Applicable Airframe Initial Training
- Applicable Engine Training
- Applicable Avionics Systems Training
- RVSM Training
- FAR 91.411/FAR 91.413 Training
- Human Factors Training

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