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Placard & Part Making Tech I - Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA

Job Description

Job Summary:
Under direct supervision, create and produce placards, identification plates, vinyl spray painting masks, and perform wire stamping, may include final placard installation. Tech 1 is entry level with focus on Category 1 equipment below.

Job Responsibilities:
- Required to read and interpret Completions customer specifications and engineering drawings / specifications to determine the proper color, font, dimension, and materials required. to create and install aircraft placards or identification plates, and to create spray masking, as well as perform wire stamping.
- Use Adobe Illustrator, pdf files and Gerber Omega software to accurately draw, layout, and produce aircraft placards. Additional software or machine operating systems may become required as equipment needs dictate.
- Use sign cutting equipment to produce masking per Exterior Markings Drawings requirements for exterior paint application on employer aircraft.
- Produce placards that require foreign languages to meet foreign aircraft registration requirements.
- Maintain proper documentation of all work to include traceability of materials used during manufacturing to ensure compliance with all inspection and FAA requirements.
- Use precision tools to verify fabricated placards and identification plates meet all engineering requirements which may include installation.
- Operating Equipment Categories:
Category 1: Programmable Gerber or other foil printer.
Category 2: Programmable sign cutting equipment, Programmable engraver.
Category 3: Miscellaneous equipment: Wire stamper, Inkjet printer, etc.

Additional Functions:
- Performs daily maintenance on equipment used.
- Complies with all standard operating procedures as well as safety and housekeeping policies.
- Adapts to sudden changes in schedule and priorities.
- Contributes to developing and implementing process improvements that improve safety and reduce cost using Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement techniques.
- Monitors and maintains department materials inventory.
- Monitors aircraft schedules to support materials requirement.
- Perform other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements:
- Possess a working knowledge of the employer Policies and Procedures manual, Inspection Procedures manual, and pertinent Process Specifications.

Education and Experience Requirements:
- High School Diploma or GED required.
- 1 year Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings and specifications that are specific to producing placards, ID plates, spray masks and wire stamping.
- Computer experience required., graphic design experience preferred.

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