ODA Compliance Engineer TS I

Savannah, GA

Job Description

Unique Skills:
- Database management.

Education and Experience Requirements:
- Bachelor's Degree in business, science, aviation or related field required or equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.
- 3 years business, process or auditing experience.

Job Summary:
Under direct supervision, gathers, identifies and documents functionality, workflow, and administration of various process/procedural solutions (including electronic tools) for management and aircraft certification related tasks. Performs audit tasks in a timely and efficient manner to support ODA operational processes, ensuring all ODA activities are compliant with the ODA Operations Manual and FAA regulations. Under direct supervision, either individually or with other team members, writes portions of technical publications such as the ODA Operations Manual. Supports the complete workflow process to ensure successful completion of each revision and/or amendment cycle and distribution of technical publications. Participates in the development of ODA training courses including instructor led, online and self-study training courses. Facilitate training course scheduling and learner record retention and tracking. This position is instrumental in the development, implementation, and improvement of employer ODA processes and electronic tools.

Job Responsibilities:
- Performs the compliance activities of the employer ODA through the application of system, product and process audits to the requirements of the ODA Operations Manual and FAA regulatory requirements.
- Produces and reports process compliance and audit metrics.
- Assists with the development of electronic tools to enhance process success.
- Attends meetings, and prepares responses to various FAA and employer management levels to ascertain ODA process requirements and performance against those processes.
- Collects, organizes, and disseminates FAA regulations, policies and guidance material electronically.
- Researches and integrates industry best practices to support organizational workflow strategy.
- Participate in the review and analysis, of processes and integrate them into technical manuals and training material.
- Work with other team members to provide input to team leadership with ideas for improvement of processes and procedures to reduce overall department cost and/or increase productivity.

Additional Functions:
- Responds to FAA requests for information.
- Ensures work standards are focused on company priorities and requirements. Reviews process functional output for quality, and work standard adherence.
- Verifies corrective action implementation for timeliness and effectiveness.
- Performs analysis of audit results to identify system deficiencies.
- Contributes in business case development and may assume project management responsibilities.
- Perform other duties as assigned.