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Maintenance Controller, With A&P - Denver, NC

Denver, NC

Job Description

Job Description:

DOT Safety sensitive position

• Log all open discrepancies of on-line Client aircraft.
• Process parts requests.
• Assist in troubleshooting aircraft as required.
• Receive and review paperwork from line stations, and ensure corrections are made in a timely manner.
• Update the Client system accordingly and ensure entries are made accurately with all pertinent information necessary to ascertain the status of each aircraft, deferral and turnover status.
• Issue and track DMI items.
• Issue and track MCO items.
• Issue and track NEF items.
• Maintain the NEF listing.
• Issue Special Flight Authorization Form when a Special Flight Authorization is approved.
• Coordinate aircraft parts and personnel movement with applicable company personnel.
• Promote safety, security, quality and regulatory compliance in regards to Company operations.
• Maintain communications with the Flight Department to solicit and review flight crew inputs on maintenance support issues.
• Ensure that mechanical delays that may occur are handled in a safe and expedition manner.
• Review Company maintenance activities to ensure full compliance with Company policies and procedures, applicable federal rules and regulations, OEM aircraft and component maintenance manuals.
• Investigate aircraft write-ups and scheduled maintenance, and plan workload to ensure timely accomplishment of maintenance items.
• Coordinate with and assist other departments, when necessary, to expedite the completion of assigned work or maintain aircraft scheduled.
• Determine that work is accomplished and aircraft airworthiness is determined in accordance with established Company policy, manufacturer manual, and FAA requirements.
• Coordinate aircraft movements and line-up changes with the Scheduling Department and/or Operations Control Center (OCC) as required.
• Inform Client Management on aircraft status.
• Review of aircraft records bore aircraft release.
• Action an auto-generated Maintenance Critical Alerts from Client System.
• Ensure inspections are complied with prior to aircraft dispatch.
• Notify the Lead AMT or AMT on duty at the line station to prepare the aircraft for departure when an ADHOC flight is requested.
• Maintain aircraft fleet status.
• Perform other tasks as directed by the ADOM.

• Must hold a current A&P License.
• Must have a good command of the English language, both written and verbal.

• Maintain a thorough understanding of the Client system.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office products.
• Proficient in SharePoint.

Responsible for the maintenance performed by Class III ACMP, to include providing all maintenance documentation and applicable maintenance references.

• Attend Company Indoctrination.
• Work in a line environment for a time duration to be determined by the ADOM as applicable.
• Complete deice, fuel and ground operations training.
• Complete ten (10) practical MEL applications.
• Complete part receiving, airworthiness release, RII and engine run and taxi training.

Work typically performed in an office environment. However, due to work requirements, may require frequent travel which will involve exposure to noise, chemicals, adverse temperatures, and other similar hazards.

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