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Loose Equipment Administrator - Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR

Job Description

Job Overview:
We are looking for an Aircraft Equipment and Documentation Coordinator to efficiently manage the collection, storage, and documentation of loose equipment for each aircraft according to Production Planning and Customer Specifications. Your role plays a critical part in ensuring the airworthiness of aircraft by coordinating the seamless delivery of equipment and documentation to customer representatives during aircraft handover.

Minimum Required Qualifications:
- High school diploma or equivalent.
- Minimum of 1 year of experience in an aircraft production environment.
- Strong verbal and written communication skills.
- Computer literacy.
- Ability to handle and lift parts up to 50 pounds with or without reasonable accommodation.
- Capable of working, standing, and kneeling for extended periods.
- Able to load loose equipment and documentation onto aircraft with or without reasonable accommodation.

Principal Duties/Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
(Functions that directly impact the airworthiness of the aircraft are marked as "CRITICAL")
- Collect and store loose equipment accompanying the Basic Aircraft.
- Safely store Optional Equipment and Materials as specified by Production Planning and Aircraft Specifications.
- Organize and maintain all manuals and aircraft documentation for both Basic and Completed Aircraft.
- CRITICAL - Maintain a Log of Loose Equipment used by Production for aircraft testing.
- CRITICAL - Prepare an inventory of Loose Equipment and present it to the Customer.
- Load items into the aircraft before delivery.
- CRITICAL - Maintain a file of Aircraft Inventory.
- Load items onto aircraft before departure.
- Collaborate with Production departments to ensure timely collection of Loose Equipment as per the Aircraft Delivery Schedule.
- Interpret and update computerized Bill of Material programs like X-BOM.
- Utilize and record status and nonconformities in maintenance interface programs such as HMS or the- NCM.
- Support the delivery of demonstrator aircraft when resold as new from our client in Little Rock, as required.

Working Conditions:
Primarily an office-based role with frequent visits to production shops, offices, and the warehouse. Some exposure to factory noise levels may be possible.

Join our team to contribute to the smooth operation of aircraft deliveries and the aviation industry.

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