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Line Service Mechanic I

Savannah, GA

Job Description

Job Summary:
Assists with the movement of aircraft on, to and from the ramp and within the hangars, in support of customers, Service Center Maintenance and Final Phase. Support hangar operations by providing support of customer and visiting aircraft as required.

Unique Skills:
- Must be willing to work any shift.

Education and Experience Requirements:
- High School Diploma or GED required acceptable driving record, ability to work in extremes of hot/cold/wet weather.
- Aptitude for safety and effectively operating tow tugs, forklifts, fuel trucks and similar vehicles in a high traffic a/c ramp atmosphere preferred.
- Experience or familiarity with aircraft ground movement and signaling procedures.
- Valid Driver’s License Upon Hire .

Job Responsibilities:
- Meet arriving aircraft, direct aircraft to a parking location, and greet and assist customers in locating appropriate company personnel for customer contact. .
- Respond to all service needs of aircraft and flight crew.
- With moderate supervision perform duties related to the marshaling, fueling, defueling of aircraft and fuel trucks.
- Assist with the movement of aircraft on, to, and from the ramp and within the hangars .
- Assist in the inspection and maintenance of ground support equipment, the fuel farm and fuel trucks, according to established guidelines, to ensure safe and efficient operating conditions. .
- Assist with security of premises.
- Assist with ramp operations such as towing, fueling, wing-walking, directing and parking of aircraft, as necessary .
- Perform basic fuel quality control testing of fuel.
- Identify possible operational improvements and communicate them to management.

Additional Functions:
- Assist with hazardous waste disposal by delivering all hazmat generated to the waste treatment area. .
- Comply with the cleaning and maintaining of 5S for the ramp areas. .
- Comply with all safety rules and procedures. .
- Perform other duties as assigned.

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