Lab Test Electrical Engineer - TS I

Savannah, GA

Job Description

Job Summary:
Assists with the planning, coordination, performance of design, analysis and liaison engineering supporting the development and production of employer products and services

The Lab Test electrical engineering team applies electrical design practices to develop world class lab facilities for testing aircraft systems on-ground. Lab Test electrical engineering is responsible for creating electrical designs for electrical simulations of aircraft components and Real Time Simulation interfaces. Our engineers are responsible for transforming testing requests and directives into representative lab fixtures to allow for development, certification, and troubleshooting of integrated aircraft systems. Laboratories include, but not limited to, testing of aircraft flight controls, landing gears, electronic control systems, environmental control system, sensors, lights, and interiors.

- Electrical or Computer Engineering degree.

- Capable of developing electrical requirements from high level/system requirements.
- Work well in team a setting while also being a self-driven problem solver.
- Performing component research and selection.
- Designing and laying out a circuit using modern EDA tools. PSpice experience is preferred.

Should be familiar with:
- Microcontrollers
- DC power supply circuits for microcontrollers
- Differential pair routing
- SPI and I2C
- Power control using FETs and other similar technologies
- Building and testing prototype circuits using in house PCB fabrication tools. As well as sending the design out to board houses for fabrication.
- Should be familiar with common test/measurement tools:
- Multi-Meters
- Oscilloscopes
- Power Supplies
- Experience programming microcontrollers, FPGAs.

Education and Experience Requirements:
- Bachelor's Degree required or equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.
- 5 years in specific technical discipline or 10 years broad engineer experience in several technical disciplines with Bachelors.
- Experience credit considered for related adv degrees limited to 2 yrs for Masters, 4 yrs for PhD in fields applicable to this job.

Job Responsibilities:
- Contributes to planning, developing and coordinating of important engineering projects.
- Provides specialized technical assistance to team members.
- Uses advanced techniques and modified extension of theories to provide technical solutions to a wide range of difficult problems.
- Determines and develops own approach to solutions within schedule and cost objectives.
- Works under limited supervision; work should only be required. to be reviewed for accuracy and consistency with meeting overall objectives.
- Acts as liaison with representatives outside of the assigned group/area.

Additional Functions:
- Actively works to improve daily processes and ensures all work meets customer requirements.
- Maintains a current knowledge of developments in the field of specialty and/or other related aircraft fields in order to recommend innovations to improve quality and effectiveness of company product.
- Perform other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements:
- Advanced degree in engineering related field preferred.
- The level of technical skill and abilities appropriate for this grade will be established by each discipline.