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Interiors - Cabinet Paint & Stain - Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Job Description

General Summary:
With over 5 years of hands-on experience, the Interior Refurbishment Specialist brings expertise in interior work, honed through wood finishing and soft goods work in diverse industries, including automotive, RV, and boat interiors. Proficient in disassembly, meticulous finish stripping, and attention to detail in veneer and hardwood preparation, this specialist is prepared to transform and enhance aircraft interior equipment and furnishings.

In Your Role, You Will:
-Revitalize aircraft interior equipment and furnishings based on work orders or customer requests,
encompassing items such as aircraft cabinets and card tables.
- Thoroughly perform and document all work in accordance with the appropriate manuals and regulatory guidelines.
- Show readiness for international assignments when required.
- Contribute to additional tasks during slower periods of unplanned work within the facility, ensuring that drop-ins and planned maintenance proceed seamlessly.

As Our Ideal Candidate:
- You come equipped with a minimum of 5 years of experience in interiors, including a history of wood finishing and soft goods work in industries like automotive, RV, and boats.
- Your mechanical aptitude is evident, and you have the ability to interpret and work with mechanical engineering drawings.
- Basic PC skills are part of your toolbox.
- Your ability to communicate, both in writing and verbally, effectively conveys individual and aircraft status.
- Proficiency in interpreting engineering drawings is a notable strength.
- Breaking down cabinets, removing hardware and inlays, and stripping finishes using heat and scraper are skills you bring to the table.
- Your experience with sanding, meticulous veneer and hardwood preparation, including defect touch-ups, reflects your commitment to quality craftsmanship.
- You have the know-how to mix, match, and apply stains and paints to new veneers.
- Knowledge in spraying polyester base coats and urethane top coats is part of your skill set.
- Experience with aircraft touch-ups and the ability to mask and unmask components for the finishing process complete your qualifications.

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