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Helicopter Avionics Tech - Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Job Description

• At least 3yrs of work experience with aircraft electrical systems installation/repair and with specific aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting knowledge.
• Certifications in electrical or aviation maintenance courses preferred***
• Experience with systems such as NAV/COM, Autopilot, GPS, and RVSM.
• An understanding of other aircraft systems, such as hydraulics and flight controls.
• The ability to read and interpret schematics/blueprints.
• Excellent analytical, attention-to-detail, troubleshooting, communication, and teamwork skills.
• Steady hands and excellent eyesight.

Employer is seeking a knowledgeable, experienced avionics technician to join their team. The responsibilities of the avionics technician include running wires/cables, mounting antennas, connecting instruments for navigation and engine monitoring, installing radios, autopilots, passenger entertainment systems and configurations. A technician that possesses great attention to detail and a strong working knowledge of advanced electronics and systems diagnostics. Ultimately, a top-notch avionics technician that has great manual dexterity, and experience with quality control analysis.

• Installing and testing complex avionics equipment and electrical systems on aircraft.
• Ensuring that all avionics equipment works properly before return to service and that they do not interfere with any other electronic device.
• Removing, repairing, and re-installing any problematic avionics equipment before an aircraft is returned to service.
• Performing intricate and highly reliable soldering on components.
• Assembling and installing electrical components.
• Providing accurate diagnoses of discrepancies noted.
• Organizing ground support and test equipment.
• Analyzing flight test data to diagnose malfunctions and study the operations of the electrical components.
• Coordinating all work with Avionics manager, technicians, and aircraft maintenance crew.
• Keeping detailed records of all repairs and work performed on the aircraft in accordance with the repair station guidelines.

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