Flight Management Systems Engineer

Fort Worth, TX

Job Description

Job Description:
An FMS Engineer is responsible for providing technical leadership within the FLRAA Autonomy Team through the architecting, developing, integrating, testing, and certifying components related to the Flight Management System for the FLRAA program. The Lead FMS Engineer is an integral part of the overall IPT structure, planning and leading a multifunctional team, working with other IPTs, and communicating with the Customer and Suppliers

• Architect, build, manage, and certify the FLRAA Flight Management System & Components.
• Develop architecture models and allocate requirements to subsystems & software components.
• Generate, Validate and Verify system requirements.
• Coordinate with Internal and External IPTs, suppliers, and peers to generate and execute projects/design plans and reviews.
• Develop and execute test cases and procedures to verify the system under test.
• Troubleshoot and manage issues, problem reports, and change requests in a timely manner.
• Accountable for cost and schedule performance via Earned Value (EV) metrics
• Provide technical leadership and guidance to the FLRAA Autonomy team. This includes supporting project planning, conducting reviews, metrics development/tracking, forecasting, development processes, and risk and opportunity management.
• Escalate issues that need additional engineering or business leadership assistance in a timely manner.

- Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science is required. Mechanical or Other Engineering degrees may be considered with applicable experience.
- Must have 2 - 6+ years experience in developing, certifying, and/or managing Flight Management Systems, Flight Directors, Autonomous Vehicles, or related products.
- MUST have experience with Aerospace engineering processes including requirements definition, requirements allocation, requirements validation, requirements verification, integration, embedded software, electronic systems, FAA/EASA/NAA certification, and system safety.
- Must have experience with Civil Navigation (e.g. DO-236, DO-229, and/or DO-283)
- Must have experience with DO-297, DO-178 and/or DO-331.
- Self-motivated and able to take ownership of the team’s objectives.
- Demonstrated ability to lead teams in development, integration, validation, and certification.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal).
- Experience with A653 partition-based operating system is recommended.
- Experience within an Avionics Design Assurance Level B Environment is recommended.
- Able to communicate directly with senior leadership inside and outside the company.
- On-site work