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Flight Line Avionics Checkout

Little Rock, AR

Job Description

Job Summary:
Operating, testing, modifying, troubleshooting, repairing and inspecting of all avionics and electrical systems on the aircraft

- Complete assigned tasks within the allocated man-hour budgets and on schedule while maintaining quality standards and performing the tasks within the guidelines of all safety and regulatory regulations and requirements
- Performs wire-by-wire, power, functional and operational checkouts of electrical and avionics systems prior to aircraft flight
- Performs in-flight system checks and troubleshooting
- Set-up all required electrical and avionics test equipment in compliance with technical data, and then complete the appropriate functional tests that are required for each system
- Detects and reports any unairworthy conditions
- Connect air data test set to the appropriate aircraft fixtures and complete a full functional check-out of the entire pitot I static and air data system
- Needs to be able to interpret various engineering documentation, diagrams and schematics
- Troubleshoots problem systems and takes appropriate actions to correct discrepancies
- Accurately logs on Labor Data Collection System for work orders, time and attendance tracking

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