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Final Cosmetic Inspection (FCI) Specialist - Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR

Job Description

Job Summary:
Perform Final Cosmetic Inspections (FCI) on completed cabinets, seats, and aircraft to ensure customer satisfaction with the delivered product.
Conduct follow-up inspections to rectify discrepancies identified during the initial FCI Inspection.
Collaborate with various back shops to identify and resolve recurring discrepancies found during FCI Inspections.
When necessary, work with outside vendors to ensure their products meet Falcon standards.
Interface with customers, Customer Completions Administrator (CCA), and support shops to understand and coordinate the resolution of quality issues. This position significantly impacts customer satisfaction based on issue handling and resolution.

Minimum Required Qualifications:
- High school diploma or equivalent.
- Four (4) years of aircraft production experience with expertise in cosmetic criteria and principles, or preferably, an A&P Certificate.
- Three (3) years of experience in cabinet final assembly, cabinet finish application, upholstery completion, aircraft interior installation, or inspection.
- Familiarity with client's production processes and support shops, including cabinetry, carpet, upholstery, paint, and quality control.
- Proficiency in quality inspection processes and procedures.
- Computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
- Ability to remain positive and maintain a congenial manner in stressful situations.
- Strong verbal and written communication skills.
- Proactive, team-oriented, and capable of working independently to resolve quality issues.
- Ability to move safely about the factory floor, offices, and onboard aircraft with or without reasonable accommodation.

Additional Desired Qualifications:
- Technical aircraft experience in maintenance programs.
- Knowledge of back shop technology (paint, cabinet shop, upholstery, supply, and quality control).
- A&P Certificate.
- Degree in Aircraft Operational Systems or a related field.

Working Conditions:
- Ability to perform inspection activities during all test flight regimes without sensitivity to turbulence.
- Tolerance to exposure to chemicals, noise, and dust levels set by OSHA, frequently encountered in an aircraft manufacturing environment.
- Flexibility to work various shifts and weekends.
- Comfort working on a computer for extended periods.
- Willingness to travel when required.

Principal Duties/Responsibilities (Essential Functions): (Functions affecting the airworthiness of the aircraft are marked as "CRITICAL")
- Organize FCI Inspections.
- CRITICAL - Conduct FCI Inspections on the ground or in flight and follow up to correct discrepancies.
- CRITICAL - Verify conformity of interior and exterior items related to cosmetic rework issues.
- CRITICAL - Read and interpret specs, drawings, and CATIA data to ensure customer requirements are met.
- Update cosmetic inspection checklists based on issues found during inspection and in the field.
- Maintain quality charts representing quality metrics.
- Ensure conformity and cosmetic aspects adhere to FAR/DGQT/Dassault Falcon cosmetic criteria.
- Advise CCA during the delivery process for customer concerns.
- Document and resolve cosmetic-related issues that customers encounter.
- Communicate and collaborate with interfacing departments to ensure proper correction of cosmetic discrepancies.
- Support corporate mission and vision through the achievement of department goals and objectives.
- Pass vision testing, minimum 20/20 corrected, with no limitations in color perception.
- Ability to fly during test flights for several hours at a time and perform in-flight inspections.

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