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Experienced A&P Mechanic - Wichita, KS

Wichita, KS

Job Description

Job Description:
Repair, maintain, overhaul and troubleshoot airframes, engines parts & components. Performs, 100 hour and progressive inspections as well as modification work on Client products.

Job Responsibilities:
• Conducts airframe, engines, component and system checks.
• Performs install of SB’s, kits on airframe and engines.
• Use equipment such as tensiometers, micrometers, pressure gauges, dial gauges, vacuum gauges, timing lights and a variety of hand tools to repair or modify systems or assemblies.

Education Requirements:
High School education or equivalent

Required Qualifications:
• FAA A&P Certification
• Use of arithmetic, blueprints, specifications plus knowledge of jet and piston airframe and engine principles.
• Must be able to obtain and maintain an Airport Security Badge
(2-3 years A&P experience).

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