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Exper Machinist/Deburr - Wichita, KS

Wichita ,KS

Job Description

• Performs planning, lay out and set up procedures in machining of a variety of complex and difficult parts.
• Uses ingenuity and good judgement in developing jigs, fixtures and other tooling necessary to complete job assignments.
• Uses and cares for precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, height gages, dial indicators, calipers and scales.
• Capable of operating lathes, mills, profilers, drill press, saws and CNC machines without supervision.
• Operates a variety of power/hand tools and semiautomatic and/or standard deburr equipment to remove burrs, nicks, scratches, rough and sharp edges from sheet metal parts.
• Perform routine hand deburring operations such as sanding, polishing, grinding and finishing part in accordance with accepted shop standards.
• Selects proper machine pressure setting according to material specifications.
• Secures, mounts, and replaces abrasive pads as required.
• Exercises care and judgment while loading conveyer feed for proper size parts and machine capacity.
• Reads blueprints and lofts.
• Maintains a clean and safe environment.
• Grinds own tools, cutters, etc.
• Responsible only for own work.

• 1 year diversified machine shop and/or tooling experience required

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