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Engineer Contractor 5 - Structures / Cabin Safety DER

Savannah, GA

Job Description

Job Summary:
Works on engineering projects containing critical problems, the solution of which requires major technological advances and extensive related development.

Unique Skills:
Experience with executive cabin structural design, review and certification requirements. Specific experience in stress analysis of cabin interior structures, to include composite structures, and fuselage attachments via classical hand analysis, and / or Finite Element Modeling preferred.

Cabin Safety
Experience with executive cabin safety design, review, and certification requirements. Specific experience with cabin seating, exit / ordinance signs, egress, interior / exterior doors, and safety equipment required. Current or former DER / ODA Unit Member with the appropriate Structures delegations required.

- The ability to obtain delegations within employer ODA in the future is required.

Education and Experience Requirements:
- Bachelor's Degree in engineering or related curriculum applicable to the respective job position required or equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.
- 13 yrs specific technical discipline or 15 yrs broad eng experience in several technical disciplines with Bachelors.
- Experience credit considered for related adv degrees limited to 2 yrs for Masters and 4 yrs for PhD in fields applicable to this job.

Job Responsibilities:
Responsible for an entire engineering project of major complexity within established scope .
Makes technical decisions and recommendations that are recognized as authoritative and have an important impact on extensive engineering activities .
Applies advanced technical principles, theories and concepts based on broad expertise or unique specialized knowledge .
Leads the development of innovative principles and ideas .
Acts independently to determine improved methods and/or procedures to optimize technical product, cost and schedule requirements .
Works under consultative direction; uses independent judgment to accomplish objectives .
Develops standards and guides for diverse engineering activities .
Conceives and plans investigation of broad areas of importance for which engineering precedents are lacking in areas critical to the program .
Perform other duties as assigned.
Other Requirements:
Advanced degree in engineering or related curriculum preferred
The level of technical skill and abilities appropriate for this grade will be established by each discipline

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