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CNC Operator (MFG.) - Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR

Job Description

Job Summary:
Builds aircraft parts using CNC machinery, shop tools, and standard aircraft materials.

Minimum Required Qualifications:
• High school diploma or equivalent.
• One (1) year of CNC machining experience or equivalent.
• Good mechanical aptitude and understanding of basic machine principles.
• Computer proficient.
• Able to set up and operate all standard equipment related to the CNC machining process.
• Must possess required tools and toolbox.
• Able to work from documentation such as drawings, F-Standards, preparation packages, and 3D models.
• Good working knowledge of math and geometry and be able to work in both metric and English units of measure.
• Able to lift and transport up to 50 lbs. with or without reasonable accommodation.
• Visual capacity and muscular dexterity to work on fine detail, high-cost products with a minimum of errors and rework.

Additional Desired Qualifications:
• CNC experience
• Able to solve practical problems when needed.
• Able to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.

Working Conditions:
• Typical factory environment. May work in areas with high noise levels and limited climate control. May work in a confined space. Works with the company’s approved adhesives and chemicals and exposed to sanding dust.

Principal Duties/Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
Critical Functions:
• Work with CNC programs, blueprints, company standards, work instructions, and performs necessary calculations using shop math to complete CNC programs and tasks related to making aircraft parts.
• Apply edge fill compound to honeycomb panels.
• Perform quality checks of fabricated items.
• Communicate and interact well with programmers and management to properly understand intricacies of programs and to efficiently operate the machines.

Routine Functions:
• Maintain a clean and organized work area.
• Complete tasks within assigned time limits.
• Determine work to be accomplished to complete assignments within established schedules and plan accordingly.
• Accurately log computerized labor data collection for time and attendance tracking.
• May lead and train other personnel on specific job assignments as directed by supervision.
• Work in a safe manner in accordance with OSHA and company safety procedures.
• Set up and operate standard shop equipment.
• Select materials from stock.
• Perform all other duties as assigned.

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