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Cert Inspector - Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA

Job Description

Job Summary:
Performs certification inspections in a timely and efficient manner to ensure aircraft and/or component airworthiness. Physically inspects aircraft, components, and reviews related documentation to ensure workmanship meets acceptable standards of quality and that customer aircraft/components are returned to service in an airworthy condition with all required. documentation properly completed and filed. As an ODA Inspection Authorized Representative (IAR) or FAA Designee, works as an integral part of the Quality Control/Assurance team assuring aircraft/components are in compliance to FAA/ODA requirements.

Unique Skills:
- The selected candidate will be required to obtain their IAR conformity delegations within 90 days and receive their IAR Airworthiness delegation expansion within 180days of accepting the position.
- This person must be a self-starting motivated employee who can work on and track multiple projects at one time.
- Must be willing to seek out tasks needing completed.
- Must have Airframe and Powerplant license.

Education and Experience Requirements
- High School Diploma or GED required.
- FAA A&P license or be able to obtain a repairman certificate within 30 days of start date. ASQC certification preferred.
- Inspection Authorization (IA) preferred.
- 7 years aircraft inspection experience to include three (3) years inspection experience on large or mid-size aircraft (or same type and complexity as employer aircraft).

Job Responsibilities:
- Performs inspection and airworthiness inspection duties utilizing accepted/approved data including QC/QA procedures, instructions, and other related documents.
- Conducts first article inspections to ensure compliance with FAA and/or ODA approved procedures and ensures all associated records are properly completed.
- Performs inspections and certifies acft/component as airworthy prior to delivery and Return to Service.
- Issuance of FAA 8130-3 Forms in accordance with FAA/ODA requirements for authorized functions and activities to include conformity, prototype, export, in addition to 14 CFR Part 43 Return to Service activities.
- As an IAR, plans and performs certification inspections to type design requirements in support of acft/component certification.
- Continually monitors repair station compliance to the requirements of 14 CFR Part 145 and the FAA accepted site Repair Station and Quality Control Manuals.
- Develops and approves acft log book entries relating to acft configuration and installations.
- Performs FAA acft/component certification activities as an IAR.
- If appointed as an IAR, manages Product/Article certification activities.
- Provides technical support to inspection personnel in supporting the FAA and/or ODA documented requirements. .
- Supports the coordination of inspection workloads according to priorities, efficiency and cost effectiveness.
- Perform other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements:
- Previous verifiable experience as a DAR/DMIR/ODAR/ODA-Unit Member in good-standing is highly preferred. and may offset some or all of the experience requirements.
- Competent in the use of all job related tools and equipment.
- Proficient in blueprint/drawing reading, use/interpretation of Maintenance Manuals, CMP, ADTS, Travelers, - Customer Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, test specifications and other manufacturing and/or inspection related documentation as required.
- Must possess verifiable working knowledge and application of Quality Assurance and/or Quality Control systems and methodologies.
- Must possess a verifiable working knowledge of the FAA Regulations, Orders, and other guidance pertinent to issuance of export airworthiness approvals & conformity determination as defined in FAA Order 8100.8D Appendix A (as revised) and 8100.15 (as revised).
- For postings supporting IAR activities, must be able to complete FAA/ODA initial/recurrent designee training within established timeframe to include obtaining a passing certificate as part of the IAR application process.
- For postings supporting IAR activities, must be capable of obtaining IAR designee appointment within established timeframe depending on function code(s) required. for position.
- Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

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