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Avionics Technician

Tucson, AZ

Job Description

Job Summary:
Install, modify, repair, and functional-test aircraft avionics, electrical, and electronic systems.

Job Responsibilities:
- Perform inspection, make adjustment and repair, replace components, and correct any malfunction or deficiency with and without power applied to the aircraft.
- Perform maintenance on customer aircraft in accordance with applicable technical data and FAA/JAA regulations.
- Access and re-install aircraft components, which obstruct the performance of assigned tasks.
- Perform basic mechanical and electrical removals and installations.
- Document work performed per Inspections Procedures Manual (IPM).
- Work on aircraft as well as in shops.
- Perform other tasks, for example, cleaning aircraft using approved materials, methods, and equipment, load and secure ballast and/or freight as required.
- Coordinate with technical representatives, lab, and other personnel in resolving systems or component problems.
- Fabricate parts/wire harness and install per engineering specifications.
- Assist with repairs on components detached from the aircraft, for example, flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudders, doors, and leading edges.
- Assist with complex repairs at on-site and off-site locations.
- Assist with engine removal and installation.
- Assist in development of installations for engineering.
- Assist with fueling/defueling aircraft as required.
- Assist Aircraft Engine Technicians and Aviation Maintenance Technicians in troubleshooting and repairing aircraft.
- Support production aircraft under Production Certificate System.
- Assist Aviation Maintenance Technicians in the operation of ground support equipment (GSE), for example, tugs, jacks, nitrogen and oxygen servicing.
- May perform Designated Inspector (DI) function as qualified by QA.
- Assist other employees in the performance of their duties within area(s) of qualification.

- 1 year aircraft electrical/mechanical experience Or 2 years electrical avionics technical school with certificate or equivalent military/vendor training.
- You have the ability to read and interpret engineering documents and repair manuals

*This position is not eligible for visa sponsorship.

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