Avionics Tech - KS

Wichita, KS

Job Description

Job Summary:
To install, adjust, functional test, troubleshoot and repair avionics systems on board the aircraft at a employer Aviation Service Center.

- Duties require a broad knowledge of electronics and ability to use all test equipment connected with this field.
- Must have knowledge of the operation of avionics systems including communication, navigation, auto-pilot, flight director and pulse equipment including DME, transponder and weather radar.
- Equivalent to 4 years high school plus a level of training equal to 2 years college or technical school.

Duties require more than 3 years experience in aircraft avionics systems, troubleshooting and repair.

Job Responsibilities:
- Performs the functional testing required to isolate a customer complaint in a particular avionics system and repairing that aircraft system in accordance with FAA procedures.
- Based on in-flight analysis and/or evaluation of information received from the customer, diagnoses problems and takes corrective action.
- Troubleshoots problems on defective units or wiring discrepancies.
- Replaces defective units, repairs wiring and modifies. Works from employer Aviation schematics, blueprints and service bulletins.
- Responsible for final testing of avionics equipment and signing off customer discrepancy sheets.
- Ensures all transmitting and receiving equipment (includes pulse equipment) complies with all applicable FCC rules and regulations.
- Installs modifications on the aircraft, including wiring build-up and aircraft installations.
- As required, accompanies pilot in flight to functional test repaired systems and/or align systems.
- Guides and instructs one or two lower classification employees in performing avionics related maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and modification.
- Responsible for continually updating knowledge and staying current on latest avionics developments and equipment to maintain current status of all FCC and FAA repair station licenses.
- Performs related duties as required.

Generally good working conditions, occasionally exposed to disagreeable weather conditions.