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Autoclave Operation Tech II - Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, OK

Job Description

Education and Experience Requirements
• High School Diploma or GED required.
• Two (2) years of related autoclave operational experience.

Position Purpose
In a team-oriented work environment, under moderate supervision, assist with the setup and operation of autoclaves and auxiliary equipment to cure and bond metallic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber aircraft parts in a production environment.

Essential Functions:
• Basic setup and operation of autoclaves and auxiliary equipment to cure and bond metallic and nonmetallic
aircraft parts and assemblies according to Client specifications.
• Read and interpret electronic travel documents and related paperwork.
• Assist with the selection of parts and assemblies for simultaneous bonding, based on the similarity of
processing requirements and autoclave capacity.
• Assist with the arrangement of bonding racks and tools containing parts and assemblies, and strategically
load and position racks in autoclaves.
• Connect thermocouples and vacuum lines to fittings on parts and ports, and thermocouple plugs inside
the autoclave.
• Populate and confirm required part numbers, thermocouple, and vacuum port information into the
autoclave computerized operating system.
• Adjust manual controls and/or enter commands into the computerized operating system to regulate and
activate the autoclave power supply, cooling system, vacuum, heat, pressure gauges, and recorders.
• Monitor instruments, switches, and recorders and listen for warning signals during autoclave operation to
ensure conformance to specifications.
• Maintain a neat and orderly work area, support the client FOD and 5S programs, and comply with all
safety regulations.
• Retrieve lay-up tools from tool storage, prep, release, and place tools in the bond room for lay-up
• Break down and clean tools containing cured parts.
• Store cleaned tools in the specified storage area.
• Ensure that parts, lab samples, and related paperwork are processed and taken to the proper location.

Other Requirements:
• Basic knowledge of computers and related operational systems.
• Valid driver’s license to obtain Client cart and forklift license.
• Must possess and use a Q-Stamp for all approved processes associated with autoclave operations. New
hires must obtain a Q-Stamp and autoclave certification within twelve (12) months.
• Ability to read and interpret blueprints.
• Skilled in using special tools and equipment, including precision measuring devices such as a 6" scale, 1"
micrometer, and 6" dial caliper.
• Good operational understanding of overhead cranes, forklifts, electric tow mules, and all other tools
required to perform the job.
• Basic ability to read, comprehend, and implement Client manufacturing procedures, and the mathematical
ability to calculate autoclave run times, appropriate temperature/pressure settings, and expiration dates
and times for parts being bonded.

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