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Aircraft Painter Technician

Little Rock, AR

Job Description

Job Summary:
Sanding and preparing surfaces for paint, mixing paint products, and applying paint products within the allocated man-hour budgets and on schedule while maintaining quality standards and performing the tasks within the guidelines of all safety and regulatory regulations and requirements.

Job Responsibilities:
- Work from FES, drawing notes, HMS planning, to paint manufactured parts and aircraft parts and sub-assemblies.
- Strip manufactured parts, aircraft parts and sub-assemblies.
- Prepare surfaces to be painted by sanding, steaming, cleaning and conversion coating, as required.
- Cover area on parts as required to be protected from Alodine process, paint, or stripper with proper materials.
- Set up equipment and operate all shop equipment and tooling.
- Select and mix proper paint to the Manufacturer’s specifications to meet job requirements. May be required to experiment with special paints and related products.
- Set up and use spray gun for proper application of urethane, lacquer, enamel, water base and epoxy paints, as required.
- Assist/train others, as required, in the performance of their job assignments.
- Accurately log computerized labor data collection system for work orders, time, and attendance tracking.

Minimum Required Qualifications:
- High school diploma or equivalent.
- Minimum of one (1) year of related painting experience.
- Able to work from designs or verbal instructions to perform layout design.
- Familiarity with applicable manufacturer standards and company procedure governing the care and treatment of aluminum.
- Able to use standard spray paint equipment: paint guns, sanding equipment, dual action orbital sander and common hand tools.
- Able to stand for long periods of time with or without a reasonable accommodation.
- Able to lift and carry 50 pounds with or without a reasonable accommodation.
- Must not be abnormally allergic to paint, paint stripper, solvent, primers or other paint related products that produce that produce fumes or dust while using.
- Ability to use a respiratory.

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