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Aircraft Painter - Little Rock

Little Rock, AR

Job Description

Job Summary:
Sanding and preparing surfaces for paint, mixing paint products and applying paint products within the allocated man-hour budgets and on schedule while maintaining quality standards and performing the tasks within the guidelines of all safety and regulatory regulations and requirements. Individually and cooperatively apply aircraft top coat paint applications.

Job Requirements & Minimum Qualifications:
- High school diploma or equivalent
- 2 years of aircraft painting experience including experience consistently applying a high quality topcoat application to specific aircraft specs.
- Must be able to work from designs or verbal instructions to perform layout design.
- Must be familiar with applicable manufacturer standards and Company procedure governing the care and treatment of aluminum.
- Must be able to use standard spray paint equipment: buffers, paint guns, sanding equipment, dual action orbital sander and common hand tools.
- Able to walk, climb, and stand for extended periods of time.
- Must be able to repeatedly climb and descend scaffolds, ladders and other related equipment with or without reasonable accommodation.
- Must have the physical and muscular dexterity to stand or kneel for extended periods of time during painting, sanding or while working on aircraft.
- Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds with or without reasonable accommodation.
- Must not be abnormally allergic to paint, paint stripper, solvents, primers or other paint related products that produce fumes or dust while using.
- Able to wear a respirator and pass a pulmonary function test.

Additional Desired Qualifications:
- Familiar with and able to use electro static paint spray equipment
- Familiar with Non-Chromate High Solids Paint Systems
- Familiar with Lean Manufacturing principles

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