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Aircraft Paint Technician - Wichita, KS

Wichita, KS

Job Description

In Your Role, You Will:
• Strictly adhere to General Work Requirements.
• Read engineering drawings to identify the necessary tasks for the application of chemicals and paint to aircraft surfaces.
• Apply safety absorbent to the hangar floor and utilize stripper to remove existing paint from aircraft surfaces.
• Collaborate in relocating aircraft to the appropriate bay.
• Skillfully mask, unmask, and remask specific areas of aircraft surfaces, ensuring complete protection for • windows and other vulnerable components.
• Employ water, solvents, air blowers, and brushes to remove stripper, excess paint, and contaminants.
• Engage in sanding, grinding, and buffing processes on polished areas of aircraft surfaces. Apply putty to address body dents and replace sealer in preparation for primer and paint application.
• Skillfully apply alodine to aircraft surfaces using spray equipment.
• Contribute to the application of primers on aircraft surfaces.
• Assist in painting parts, components, and aircraft surfaces.
• Collaborate in inspecting painted surfaces for imperfections using discrepancy sheets and documented squawks, performing touch-up work as necessary.
• Diligently document work performed according to the Inspection Procedures Manual (IPM).
• Execute these tasks in support of production, flight testing, and other external areas as needed.
• May function as a Designated Inspector (DI) when qualified by Quality Assurance (QA).
• Assist fellow employees in performing their duties within their areas of qualification.

As Our Ideal Candidate:
• You typically possess 18 months of experience, which includes preparation and painting of aircraft or equivalent work.
• You are proficient in reading and interpreting engineering documents and customer instructions.
• You have the capability to mask specific areas of aircraft surfaces using suitable materials and methods in line with the operation.
• You have a fundamental knowledge of paint mixing, color matching, and various paint systems, such as high solids, conventional, and lacquer.
• You can paint aircraft parts and components as required.
• You are skilled in preparing aircraft surfaces for painting, which includes sanding, grinding, buffing, sealing, applying putty, and alodine treatment to aircraft surface areas.
• You have the ability to operate powered lifts as needed.

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