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Aircraft Mechanic - Des Moines, IA

Des Moines, IA

Job Description

Responsibilities of this position include:
• Performs inspections, servicing, and repairs of a complex nature on various aircraft systems and
• Efficiently and effectively troubleshoot and function test referencing manufacturer’s technical documents
across a variety of airframe, engine and component systems
• Leads aircraft projects as directed by the Crew Chief and Supervisor
• Expertly prepares and completes various documents for maintenance/ modification record keeping
purposes, as required by FAA Airworthiness Regulations, Client Policies and Processes, FAA Approved
Repair Station and Quality Control Manuals, and personal training logs (OJT)
• Proficiently and consistently locate and uses the appropriate technical data to accomplish any and all tasks
• Support, maintain, and comply with all Federal, OSHA, State and local regulations, and Client's
Environmental, Health, and Safety Policies and Processes
• Perform related duties, as assigned.

Top candidates will possess:
• Willingness to work on a team with both experienced technicians and mentor junior technicians with a calm
• Willingness to learn by taking guidance from others
• Ability to communicate well in straightforward situations
• Organizational skills and attention to detail
• Ability to maintain a safe and clean work environment
• Must possess excellent mechanical aptitude and a desire to work

Other Requirements Include:
• Airframe & Powerplant Certificate required
• Ability to attain & retain AOA badge or Airport requirements
• FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) preferred
• Must obtain & retain designation as an Client Production Inspector (Blue stamp)
• High school graduate or equivalency degree required
• Thorough knowledge and understanding of FARs 43, 65, 91, 135, 145
• 5+ years Aircraft maintenance experience preferred

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