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Aircraft Engine Tech - Windsor Locks, CT

Windsor Locks, CT

Job Description

In your role, you will:
• Adhere to General Work Requirements
• Perform periodic inspections of engines and aircraft, for example, thrust reversers (TR), Major Periodic Inspection (MPI), Hot Section Inspection (HSI) in accordance with appropriate maintenance manuals
• Troubleshoot and repair basic engine and related aircraft problems at on-site and off-site locations.
• Assist in complex engine and related aircraft repairs at on-site and off-site locations.
• Perform removal, installation, and replacement of engines, accessories.
• Disassemble, inspect, and reassemble aircraft engines.
• Replace all Line Replace Units (LRU) as required.
• Assist with fueling/defueling aircraft as required.
• Assist with engine operational check and functional tests.
• Assist Aviation Maintenance Technicians in the operation of ground support equipment (GSE), for example, ground power units, tugs, hydraulic mules, and oxygen servicing units
• Assist Aviation Maintenance Technicians and Electronic/Avionics Technicians in troubleshooting and repairing aircraft.
• Perform basic sheet metal and electrical repairs as required.
• Access and re-install aircraft components, which obstruct the performance of assigned tasks
• May perform Designated Inspector (DI) function as qualified by QA
• Assist other employees in the performance of their duties within area(s) of qualification.

• You have an A&P license
• You typically 3 years experience in aircraft turbine engine maintenance
• You have the ability to read and interpret engineering documents and repair manuals

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