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Aircraft Electrical Technician - Gainesville, TX

Gainesville, TX

Job Description

Job description:
- Must have A and P license.
- Troubleshoot and repair aircraft electrical systems.
- Knowledge in Analog and digital aircraft systems.
- General knowledge in airframe systems, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems for electrical testing.
- Perform Altimeter and Transponder tests and certifications.
- Knowledge in Rockwall Collins proline 4 and Proline 21 systems.
- Knowledge in Honeywell NZ-2000 systems.
- Perform troubleshooting on above mentioned installed systems.
- Perform repairs on above mentioned installed systems.
- Work with the manufacturers for new installations.
- Work closely with the supervisors in regards to scheduling, planning, executing repairs and required
- Work within the guidelines of the F.A.R.’s and repair station manuals.
- Work in confined areas and awkward positions.
- Possible travel involved.
- Requires the use of computers.
- May require overtime.
- Must take and pass a DOT required drug and alcohol tests.
- Must complete a criminal background check.

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