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A&P Mechanic - Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO

Job Description

Job Description:
- Assist Licensed Aircraft Mechanics in general airframe and engine inspection, repair.
- Open and close of inspection panels, cleaning aircraft areas prior to inspection.
- Aircraft towing.
- Assist in sheet metal repairs and fabrication.
- Assist in electrical and hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair.
- Use of hand tools and specialized tooling.
- This position is an excellent method of gaining the required experience that can be applied to obtaining an Aircraft Mechanics Airframe and Powerplant certification.

- High School diploma or GED equivalent
- Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Certification preferred***
- Minimum one (1) year or more of diversified aircraft and engine maintenance and repairs preferred.
- Knowledge of aircraft, accessories, components, fasteners, and other hardware.
- Knowledge and Experience with the following aircraft are preferred but not required: ATR, Embraer EMB-120, EMB-135/145, Fairchild SA226/227, Saab SF340A/B, S2000, Beechcraft, KingAir.

Principal Duties:
- Perform various mechanical duties on assigned aircraft, including diagnosing malfunctions, disassembly, repair, replacement, and adjustment of various systems.
- Repair, replace, and rebuild aircraft structures, wings and fuselage, and functional components using hand tools, power tools, machines, and equipment such as shears, sheet metal brakes, welding equipment, rivet gun, and drills.
- Perform routine inspections per manufacturer and operator maintenance programs and provide detailed discrepancy listings for each inspection to completion of the aircraft through delivery to the customer.
- Read and interpret manufacturers and service maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and other specifications to determine the feasibility and method of repairing or replacing malfunctioning or damaged components.
- Inspect, replace, and/or repair worn or damaged components using hand tools, gauges, and testing equipment.
- Disassemble and inspect parts for wear, warping, or other defects.
- Inspect, adjust, repair, or replace electrical wiring systems and aircraft accessories.
- Perform engine repair, removal, and reinstallation.
- Perform engine maintenance, annual inspections, and continued airworthiness
- Perform other qualified duties as required, with the highest standards of safety.

Knowledge & Skills:
- Detailed knowledge of aircraft mechanical component troubleshooting/repair
procedures and replacement of components.
- Knowledge of aircraft, unique tools such as test equipment, torque wrenches, dial
indicators, micrometers, etc.
- The ability to read blueprints, specifications, technical manuals, and test equipment
procedures is a plus.
- Able to prioritize workload to maintain schedules on assigned projects.
- Basic computer data entry skills.
- A self-starter, performing daily tasks without supervision.
- Physical Requirements/Working Environment.
- May be exposed to extreme noise from turbine and jet engine aircraft.
- Will handle dirty parts and lubricants.
- Required to operate power vehicles, machinery, various hand tools, ground support equipment, forklift, etc.

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