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A&P Mechanic - Kinston, NC

Kinston, NC

Job Description

Job Description:
- Assist Licensed Aircraft Mechanics in general airframe and engine inspection, repair.
- Open and close of inspection panels, cleaning aircraft areas prior to inspection.
- Aircraft towing.
- Assist in sheet metal repairs and fabrication.
- Assist in electrical and hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair.
- Use of hand tools and specialized tooling.
- This position is an excellent method of gaining the required experience that can be applied to obtaining an Aircraft Mechanics
- Airframe and Powerplant certification.

Responsible for inspection, troubleshooting and repair of aircraft to meet company, FAA and customer standards.
This includes:
- Fully analyzes all required blueprints, drawings, work orders and sketches in order to troubleshoot, repair and install desired product or part.
- Can detect errors and correct through proper departmental channels
- Schedules items through the shop to maintain on-time deliveries
- Checks all mechanical components prior to installation to prevent damage
- Accurately estimates hours and materials for scheduled jobs
- Ability to operate all required ground support equipment

- Extensive knowledge of all aircraft mechanical systems functions and interactions
- Thorough working knowledge of all current FAA Regulations
- Thorough working knowledge and use of MM, IPC, SRM and other manufacturers repair and troubleshooting documents
- Thorough working knowledge of blueprints, work orders and task cards to determine type of configuration and special instructions prior to installation
- Extensive knowledge of aircraft accessories, components and other hardware
- Comprehensive knowledge of estimating hours and materials for completing projects
- Complete knowledge of aircraft fasteners and applications
- Complete knowledge of all related skill area machines, equipment and hand tools
- Ability to install and rig aircraft flight control surfaces
- Ability to operate aircraft systems
- Ability to do engine run-up and & trim engines
- Must have a command of the English language, both written and verbal

- Wear appropriate PPE as designated in each work area (e.g. safety glasses, etc.)
- High School diploma or equivalent
- Airframe and Power Plant License
- Must have a good command of the English language, both written and verbal
- Must possess a valid driver license

- None

- General Safety
- Quality System Awareness

- Heavy physical effort required on occasion
- Continuous mental and visual attention required
- Employees may be subject to random drug and alcohol testing under FAA regulations
- Work performed in a shop environment on a regular basis
- Occasional travel to line stations
- Exposed to any number of elements but with none present to the extent of being disagreeable
- Must be available to travel up to 30% for work at different workstations as needed, and/or shifts from one station/location to another

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